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Locke appears suddenly, stopping the story short, "Now I know what you are thinking…okay I'm not some mind reader, but still. Maybe we should change this story up just a bit." He smiles and the scenery changes. His voice is still heard as he continues, "A young man stands outside. He has been drawn to this house for quite some time. You may be a bit surprised as to who it may be."

The abandoned house looms over a young man. He has black hair and his eyes are grey with red specs in them. He sighs as he has no clue as to why he was drawn to come here once more. He gets out of his car and sticks his hands in his pockets. The place had been abandoned years before he had ever known it; the familiarity of it was very odd and uncommon to him.
He stands in front of the decrepit building and looks up at all the windows, "Why am I drawn here?" Ever since he accidentally stumbled upon the house a few years ago he felt something pull at his heart and swore he heard voices call out his name. He glares at the front door and groans as he hears murmurs of his name once more, "What kind of name is Locke anyway!?" He swears his parents must have hated him! He unconsciously starts to bite at his lip ring as he studies the building more.
His eyes widen in shock as he notices a blue light flash from every window. A rush of air seems to knock him onto the ground. He starts to cringe at a burning sensation courses through his veins. His eyes widen as he tries to steady his breathing. Hissing, bubbling red smoke seems to be evaporating from his skin, "Wh-what the hell!?" As the hissing decreases and the smoke disperses, he plops onto the grass, panting wildly, "What….What just…HAPPENED!?"
He quickly scrambles to his feet and starts to walk towards his car. He freezes when he swears he hears a woman's voice whisper to him, "Locke…please…stay…for Trevor." Locke looks around, that name…the voice was wanting him to stay, for the doctor who died here? He looks back up at the house. He had always wondered about the building. Were the stories true? Was there really once a deranged murderer? Or was it all just another stupid tall tale. Locke groans and mutters, "Fine…I'll stay."

Memory quickly opens a few drawers in the hallway, frustrated at this point. Deck comes up to him with her hands in her pockets, looking a bit irritated herself, "Dr. Oroitz…why does it matter so much that we find the stupid Will? It has been missing for decades…and probably burned with the rest of the house. Memory sighs, "That Will is probably the only thing keeping Madame here still! And keeping us trapped here as well! You know your mother was determined to get the house…and once that Will went missing, everything went downhill."
Deck sneers at the memory, "Yeah…but why would she care still. Her family is just as annoying as ever, and they are well-known and prosper in the town a few miles away. Why the Hell would she still care about an old Will?" Memory slams a drawer shut and looks back at Deck, "That was the only thing she ever wanted. She wanted this house…and to own everything…and everyone in it. She is afraid…now…because Asta has beaten the house." Deck frowns, "Doesn't that mean Asta can leave then?"
Memory glares out a broken window, "It does…but Madame won't allow her to leave…Madame is afraid of the final memory. She will do anything to keep Asta from finding out the truth." Belle and Charles walk back in, murmuring to each other. Charles seems to look a bit worried and Belle is weakly smiling. Deck crosses her arms and clears her throat, "Hey, what's-your-name…what are you doing near my sister?" Charles jumps a bit and smiles, "S-Sorry, Deck…" Belle chimes in, with a sweeter face than before, "He is apologizing, Deck."
Deck raises an eyebrow and frowns in disbelief, "Apologizing…?" Charles chuckles nervously, "Y-yeah…I…I never knew what Belle had been through. I never meant to hurt her…or your family so badly." His smile is genuinely nervous as he continues, "Can you find it in you to forgive me too, Deck?" Deck puckers her lips and looks at the young man with no expression. She finally groans, "Yeah, sure…but I ain't apologizing for killing you…I had my reason for doing it." Memory rolls his eyes at the reconciliation…or attempt at it, "Come on. Hopefully Asta is still okay. We have to go find Serena, where we are bound to find Madame."

Asta scoots as far against the wall as she can, watching as the smoke begins to take a shape of a womanly figure. The ashes and soot form into a dress; which then grows arms and a head. The figure stands motionless. Asta stares at it, completely shocked at the creature before her. As she begins to stand up, the head's large, piercing eyes dart open. Flames burst at the top of the head, making it look like hair.
The crackle and hiss from the flames seem to make a haunting sound to Asta's ears. She stammers as she tries to remain standing calm, "Who…are you?" The creature's thin, red pupils stare at her intensely, and its mouth opens, looking like tar, "You shall address me as Madame!" Asta's eyes widen at the name, "You…you are…" Madame lets out a cackling laughter, "Yes! I am the one who is to blame! I am the one who cursed this house! I AM MADAME!!" Her words seem to echo in the room.
Asta's eyes dart to where Serena's body lies motionless; was she alright? Her more human body lies there wearing an ashy, tattered dress. Her short hair is a more blonde color now; but the stillness of her body makes Asta shiver. Madame scowls and turns to face what Asta is staring at. The ghastly woman gasps and snaps her attention towards Asta, "What did you DO to my BABY!!" Asta covers her ears at the shrill voice of the woman. Didn't Madame realize that she did that to Serena on her own…or was she that much in denial to play the blame game?
Asta glares at Madame, "Don't start pinning that on me! You are the one who came out of her! You-" Madame hisses and shrieks, "Don't LIE TO ME!!" She extends an arm out towards Asta and starts mumbling. Asta gasps and grabs at her face. She had almost forgotten about the markings left by Damien; her almost dried wound was starting to burn. The burning seems to seep into her face and it causes her to fall to her knees; it felt almost like she was being burned alive as it spread throughout her body. She tries to stand up, but her body starts to feel numb and heavy. She needed Memory; where was he!?
A sudden burst of cool air makes the burning stop suddenly. Asta is breathing heavily and looks up in confusion. In front of her were four people. She smiles as the older man kneels down to help her up and he speaks, "Asta…are you all right?" Asta is so happy she almost starts to cry as she hugs him, "Thank you…again, Memory." He is startled by her sudden hug, but smiles and hugs her back, "I'm glad we made it in time. The entrance way was blocked for some reason. I was worried we wouldn't make it in time to help…"
He turns around and frowns at the ghostly woman, "Oh look…the witch still looks the same." Madame growls, "How DARE you!! I was going to kill that brat for what she did to my baby!" She abruptly points to Serena behind her. Deck and Belle gasp and quickly rush over to their sister. Charles rolls his eyes and looks at Memory and points at Madame, "How much you want to bet she did that?" Memory snarls, "I don't have to bet to know."
Madame hisses as Asta steps closer, "That little wretch hurt my baby!!" Memory glares at Madame and steps in front of Asta, "No…you need to stop this, Madame! You need to accept that all of this has nothing to even do with Asta! It has everything to do with you and this house! You just don't want her to know the truth! Why do you care so much!?" A wicked smile crosses over her face as she whispers harshly, "I care, because I never got what I deserved!"
Deck takes Serena into her arms as Belle holds onto her little sister's hand. Belle tries to fight back tears as she yells, "Mother! Stop speaking in damn riddles!! Just tell us…why!?" Madame looks down at her children with cold eyes, "I never got this house. I put up with this household for years…and I never was given what was rightfully mine!" They all look at Madame confused. Memory speaks up, "How do you know that…Chad's Will went missing the night he died…" Madame's laughter interrupts Memory, "I took it!!"
The room is silent except for Madame's laughter, "I hid it from everyone! I wasn't about to lose this house to a FOOL!!" Madame's smile seems to stretch across her face, "I didn't KILL my husband for no damn reason!" Memory sneers at the woman, "What!?" Madame's laughter dies away and she just stands there, smiling at the old doctor, "I refuse to tell the past…to tell the truth in front of that breathing monster!" She points to Asta who is peeking out from behind Memory's back.
Madame's smile is haunting as she raises her hand and an old, dusty desk is lifted off of the ground, "I will KILL her before I ever let the truth be known!" With a flick of her wrist the desk goes flying towards Memory and Asta. Memory leaps out of the way, grabbing Asta with him. Charles ducks as the desk flies over him and it shatters against the wall. Old papers go flying into the air as Madame shrieks, "What….wait….NO!!!!" She seems to be cursing about her choice of weapon, "How could I have FORGOTTEN!"
Asta is sitting on the ground, watching the papers float around. One paper flops onto her lap, and it seems to have caught her attention from its bold, cursive words. As Madame grabs at the papers flying around and curses under her breathe, Asta lifts the paper to her eyes. She quickly begins to read it and slowly stands up in shock, "M-Memory…" Memory turns to her and is startled when Asta hands him the paper, "This…this house…it belongs…to you."
Memory's eyes widen as he takes the paper into his hands. He begins to read it and looks over at Madame slowly, "Chad's Will…you…knew…" Madame's head turns to look at the paper in his hands. She growls and hisses, "Give that back!" The scenery changes in the room. All the ashes and soot are gone and the room is back in order. A shadowy figure of a woman swiftly enters the room. She is holding the paper in her hands as she goes over to the desk, "I will not allow this! Chad, you bastard!" She throws the paper into a drawer and locks it shut with a key. Her cold words hiss, "You can keep your damn Will…one way or another…this house will be mine!"
Madame stands motionless as the scene changes back to normal. Memory speaks out from the silence, "This was Chad's study…that's what you meant by 'he could keep his Will'…" Madame's hands twitch as she stares at the place the desk once was, "A minor…forgotten memory…" Memory glares at her, "Tell me the truth…is this why you hated me so much!? Is this why you tried to blame me for the death of your FAMILY!?" Madame slowly turns to face him, "I never gave a damn about my family…"
She has a blank smile on her face, "I would have killed you all eventually…" Deck and Belle glare at their mother as they hold Serena, who is starting to slowly wake up. Charles stands up and is slightly confused, "W-what?" Madame hisses at him and bellows, "I was never given the custody of the damn house! The blasted board wouldn't allow me to take over without that stupid Will!! I curse the day that I ever HAD A FAMILY!" Memory scowls, "That is why…" he pauses for a bit and his words become more harsh, "That is why you tried to make it out that I killed them…you wanted your actions to seem like retribution, even though you would have done it anyway just for revenge!?"
Madame's laughter is cold and dark, "Ding, ding, ding…you are so correct, Dr. Oroitz, my dear. And it only took you almost a CENTURY to figure it out!" Memory's face twists into a grimace as she laughs harder, "You all! All of you! Even my own children! All of you are idiots, morons! Worthless excuses! I never deserved such a horrid life!" She turns to face Asta, her smile gone, "And you…you had no business being in this house…and I will make sure…you never make it out alive."
Asta shrieks as some of the ashes on the ground seem to come to life and grab at her limbs. Memory jumps and some blue sparks leap from his hands. The ashen hands writhe at the blue flames and release her. Deck and Charles jump in front of Memory and Asta to protect them from Madame. Madame smiles wickedly at them and scoffs, "Try all you want…" Her hair seems to stretch up to the ceiling, catching some of the rafters on fire, "But I will make sure you all go down with me…"
The flames catch the roof on fire and they start to eat away at the dying wood. Memory quickly picks Asta up by her arm and runs out of the room, "Asta, whenever you get out of this house, I want you to give this to my family!" He quickly hands her the Will and she stammers, "B-but Memory! I don't even know who your family is!" They stop in front of a glowing, white door. He smiles down at her, "He is waiting outside…" Asta looks at the door and back at Memory, "Who!?" They jump as they hear Madame shriek from down the hall, and he quickly states, "My great grandson, Locke Hemming! Give that to him…tell him the truth about this house!"
Asta screams as suddenly Memory is thrown against the door. Madame is quickly making her way down the hall, fire following after her. Memory quickly gets up and grabs at the door, opening it up to reveal the backyard. He yells, "Asta! GO!" She hesitates and looks up at him with tears forming in her eyes, "Memory! Come with me, please!" He smiles and speaks softly, "I'm already dead, Asta…you've helped me rest in peace enough tonight…"
He lets out a low scream as sharp teeth made of ash dig into his arms. The ashes reach out for Asta and Memory. They look back and Madame is only a few feet away. Memory quickly looks at Asta, frozen in her place with fear. He sighs roughly and grabs her by the shoulder and pushes her out the door. Asta feels her body falling, but her heart sinks as she looks at Memory smiling weakly at her and saying, "Thank you, Asta Grey."
She rolls on the grass for a while, clinging to the Will. She stumbles to her knees, watching flames dance within the windows. Her eyes widen and tears start to trail down her face. She holds the Will to her chest and starts to sob. She watches with the tears falling fast, as the flames seem to make their way up the house.
HOLY SH!T!!! The end!!

Ok...not really....There is one more chapter...XD! Don't hate me for that joke!!! *runs!* LOL! need to at least get to the conclusion of what happens after that! XDD
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I love it! Can I just say Madame reminds me so much of my mother! I feel so bad for Asta. And what a twist for Locke and Memory. I can't wait. Now I must be like my best pal Asta and make a fabric rose. XDDD

P.S. I do hate you for that joke XP
megankuli Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i don't even know if there is a word to describe the awesomeness of this story...i will make one up fantmazing(fantastic+amazing) and epicsome( epic+awesome)
NightmareDiamond Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer

This was very good, i cried at the end dear.
It makes me sad knowing theres only one chapter left :crying:

I love how you wrote this chapter dear
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XD Thank you dear!
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..............................*dies from shock* I really can't say anything we need to make a new word for how great this is
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YAAY! So close! Great chapter! :clap:
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Aww!!!! it did it's job well then :meow: *hugs back* I'm glad you liked it dear ^w^
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